by ODWA MKENTANE (Cape Times)

THE 2020 Human Rights Cycle Tour aims to go beyond the memorialisation of the heroic struggles of the past.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Centre based in Zonnebloem launched its own cycle tour which will take place on March 29 next year. The origins of the centre date back to 2009.

It’s pioneered by the Kaaf Trust and headed by renowned human rights activist Dr Anwah Nagia. Part of the work of the trust is to support local writers with publishing their work.

To date 20 books by local authors on diverse subjects have been published. The centre’s vision is to posit amemory and a narrative of injustice in the interests of social justice.

Organisers launched the event yesterday, where cyclists from around Africa signed up to participate.

Nagia said: “Today is the most exciting day. We assembled riders through out Africa and also South Africa to respond to this beautiful occasion of riding for a little of your personal individual human rights violations and also riding for the violations of mankind generally. This race is not only supported by South Africans, but people on the African continent.

“Today is what we call the first activation to log in physically on the system that more than 10 000 riders will participate in. The collections and processes are specifically geared up to help fund the human rights centre…”

The 75km event traverses major human rights memorials and land marks, including the Cape Town Parade, Castle of Good Hope, site of the Battle of Blaauwberg and Battle of Liesbeeck to the Trojan Horse massacre site in Athlone.

Human Rights Cycle Tour chairperson Mohamed Jaffer said: “The actual start will be at the Castle of Good Hope and the finish line in front of Cape Town University of Technology.”

This article appeared in the print version of the Cape Times on Monday 11th November 2019